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VIA 601 with two retired GO units enters the siding at Ste-Thècle to meet CN M369.


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Ste-Thècle, Quebec

(map) Ste-Thècle is the first siding west of Hervey Junction on the CN Lac St Jean subdivison.

December 30th, 2009

I went to Terrebonne to meet local railfans Sam and J-F. They took me on an excellent adventure along the CN Lac-St-Jean subdivision to chase CN 369 with DPU south back to Shawinigan and catch VIA 601 with ex-GO units. We caught both of those and CN L522 in Shawinigan, finding out only after returning to Terrebonne about a wind turbine train on the QGRY that we silently passed in Trois-Rivières. Excellent, if extremely cold, day over all. The time between shots and videos was mostly taken up warming the camera batteries so they would have enough strength for the next set of shots, not always succeeding as the video camera frequently gave up from the cold -18C + windchill chase.

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