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Today's random implausible lashup: CN 5301-CP 5925-FGW 43012-BNSF 7746-UP 3234-FPL EU08-CP 9775-PCHR 117-CN 5900-UP 2856

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This photo contains:
ECR 077011 Class 66 (ENG)
ECR 077013 Class 66 (ENG)
ECR 077015 Class 66 (ENG)
ECR 077016 Class 66 (ENG)
ECR 077017 Class 66 (ENG)
ECR 077018 Class 66 (ENG)
ECR 077019 Class 66 (ENG)
ECR 077020 Class 66 (ENG)
ECR 077021 Class 66 (ENG)
ECR 077022 Class 66 (ENG)
EMDX 11001 Coupler transition car
EMDX 11002 Coupler transition car
GEXR 3835 GP38 (ENG)
GEXR 4019 GP40 (ENG)
LLPX 2210 GP38 (ENG)
LLPX 2236 GP38-2 (ENG)
RLK 4096 GP40 (ENG) (FAV)

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EXIF data (camera's timestamp may not be accurate):
Camera make and model:Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT
Exposure length:1/500 ( 0.002 )"
F-stop:71/10 ( 7.1 )
Focal length:18/1 ( 18 )
ISO speed:
Timestamp:2008:05:11 17:44:22

Breslau, Ontario

(map) This is a small town between Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph Sub.

May 11th, 2008

GEXR has received 3 6-axle units which means some of its 4-axle power is going to be distributed to other RailAmerica lines. I went to Stratford to find what I could of them, chasing GEXR #431 to London. There it lifted 10 EuroCargo Rail Class 66s and returned as GEXR #432, which I dutifully chased home.

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