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NECR #611 with an Americanised ex-CN GP40-2W leading switches across a crossing at the South end of Brattleboro.

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Brattleboro, Vermont

(map) This town is on the New England Central Railway track near the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont borders.

September 2nd, 2006

I heard a train in Brattleboro and went down to the tracks to see what was up. I found NECR #611 working the yard. The crew mentionned to eachother that they'd need to switch the wye and this was all the encouragement I needed to stay, eventually getting the train entering the unhealthy looking Brattleboro wye, resulting in me being a shade late getting back for lunch, and a bit of a comical conversation by the crew about what, exactly, the caption for my video of the event should be.

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