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Today's random implausible lashup: CP 9738-CSXT 7673-CP 9712-UP 5111-GTW 5943-CP 5990-CP 8798-CP 8776

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A D&H train switches at D&H Binghamton yard with SOO 6062-CP 9009-D&H 7303-CP 4650.

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Binghamton, New York

(map) Binghamton is the site of the interchange of the NYSW, D&H, and NS near the New York-Pennsylvania border. While there are several yards in the city and a number of tracks, most are largely inaccessible.

September 9th, 2006

On our way out of Vermont, the muffler on the car decided it wanted to go straight home. We ended up stopping in the small town of Sidney, New York for a night in a hotel and emergency repairs to the car, which were amazingly completed by 9:15am at a local shop called B&M for less than we'd have paid at home. After leaving, we heard a train on the D&H tracks and pulled off the interstate to shoot NS #168 with 2 NS SD70M-2s for power, then headed up to Binghamton to see what we could find there, and then on to Scranton for Steamtown, which occupied us until a thunderstorm came in. We rushed back to New York, caught a great D&H lashup in Binghamton, and headed for Rochester for the night, catching a few trains of interest along the way.

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