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Today's random implausible lashup: AMTK 101-KCS 4010-TSBY 2681

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CN #388 Schnabel extra passes the berm at Snake starting us on our eastward chase.


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Aldershot, Ontario

(map) This is the region between the (abandonned) Burlington West train station and Bayview Junction.

May 21st, 2007

We went to the berms at Aldershot for Schnabel move CN #388, getting VIA #70 while we waited, then headed to chase it passing CN #399 with a DMIR unit in fourth, so we turned around and went back to Bayview for that. After #399 we headed up toward Georgetown to get ahead of #388 again, getting him at 3rd line, 5th line where he met CN 435, 6th line, and Maple Ave where he met VIA #85. From there we hit the road again and went up to Palgrave on the Mactier sub for CP #434 with two RLK HR412, catching CP #106 pulling into Bolton on the way back. Not bad for a few hours out.

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