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Top photos from January 31st, 2004

Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7141.jpg 154 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7152.jpg 109 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7151.jpg 86 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7145.jpg 76 Guelph_31.01.04_7158.jpg 74 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7143.jpg 67 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7150.jpg 64 Guelph_31.01.04_7160.jpg 50 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7144.jpg 47 Guelph_31.01.04_7161.jpg 45

January 31st, 2004

CN 383 on the ground at Bayview Junction. Via detouring the Guelph sub. 682 impacting snow drift (damage) at St. Mary's. 431 failed at Kitchener. And that's just what I was around for.

Bayview Junction, Ontario

(map) This is where the CN Oakville, CN Grimsby, and CN Dundas subdivisions meet at a great big wye, beside which is the CP Hamilton sub. This location encompasses CN Bayview Junction, Hamilton West, and Hamilton Junction.

Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7141.jpg 154 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7142.jpg 41 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7143.jpg 67 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7144.jpg 47 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7145.jpg 76 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7146.jpg 37 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7147.jpg 34 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7148.jpg 27 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7149.jpg 20 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7150.jpg 64 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7151.jpg 86 Bayview_Junction_31.01.04_7152.jpg 109

Puslinch, Ontario

(map) This community straddles highway 401 from West of Guelph Junction to Killean on the CP Galt sub.

Ham turn crosses Victoria road while we use Chris' high beams for lighting.

TURG 206 - track grinding train - crosses Victoria road after sunset.

Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

VIA #76 detouring on the Guelph sub heads through Guelph station.

VIA #79 was easily the slowest I've ever seen moving up to Guelph station and pausing there for several minutes while waiting for a clearance.

Guelph_31.01.04_7158.jpg 74 Guelph_31.01.04_7159.jpg 37 Guelph_31.01.04_7160.jpg 50 Guelph_31.01.04_7161.jpg 45