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Top photos from March 26th, 2003

Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0391.jpg 65 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0390.jpg 55 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0394.jpg 41 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0397.jpg 40 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0396.jpg 39 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0395.jpg 37 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0392.jpg 37 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0384.jpg 36 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0398.jpg 31 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0385.jpg 31

March 26th, 2003

This was another routine trip to the Junction.

Guelph Junction, Ontario

(map) Technically Campbellville, Guelph Junction is the junction of the Guelph Junction Railway -- currently serviced by OSR -- the CP Hamilton sub, and the CP Galt sub. It is between Milton and Galt on the CP Galt sub.

Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0370.jpg 23 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0371.jpg 16 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0372.jpg 19 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0373.jpg 20

A short local train with 5 coil cars and second-hand unit CP 4652 comes out of Hamilton sub toward London. It parked there and was still there waiting to get on Galt sub when I left two hours later.

Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0375.jpg 17 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0376.jpg 17 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0377.jpg 15 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0378.jpg 17 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0379.jpg 22 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0380.jpg 17 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0381.jpg 17 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0382.jpg 23 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0383.jpg 25 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0384.jpg 36 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0385.jpg 31 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0387.jpg 27 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0388.jpg 15 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0389.jpg 21 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0390.jpg 55 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0391.jpg 65 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0392.jpg 37 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0394.jpg 41 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0395.jpg 37 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0396.jpg 39 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0397.jpg 40 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0398.jpg 31 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0399.jpg 18 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0400.jpg 23 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0401.jpg 15 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0402.jpg 13 Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0403.jpg 23

I have never felt as miserable as I do about this video. UP cotton belt engine number 1972 was the second unit on this train, along with CP 9554, SOO 6031, and CP 9532, and I blew the video of it so you can't see it. This video is super-short and shows the engine, but the Cotton Belt markings are not visible. In case you've never seen one, they're black with a Union Pacific shield and large white letters stating "Cotton Belt".

Guelph_Junction_26.03.03_0405.jpg 23


March 26th, 2003

This was another routine trip to the Junction.

March 26th, 2003

This was another routine trip to the Junction.

March 26th, 2003

This was another routine trip to the Junction.