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Top photos from December 23rd, 2011

Brussels_23.12.11_0546.jpg 8 Brussels_23.12.11_0513.jpg 8 Brussels_23.12.11_0602.jpg 6 Brussels_23.12.11_0516.jpg 6 Brussels_23.12.11_0587.jpg 4 Brussels_23.12.11_0548.jpg 4 Brussels_23.12.11_0517.jpg 4 Brussels_23.12.11_0514.jpg 3 Brussels_23.12.11_0509.jpg 3 Brussels_23.12.11_0560.jpg 2

December 23rd, 2011

Walked to London-St Pancras International for the 8am EuroStar to Brussels. I was hoping to have some time to explore both the train and the platform, but was surprised to discover airport-style security and procedures at St Pancras and so was not able to get a shot of the EuroStar either there or in Brussels. The Chunnel was... well, dark. And my seat on the EuroStar was marketed as a "window" seat, but it had a pillar between the large windows and so I could not see out. It was fairly anticlimactic and I ended up sleeping most of the trip instead. In Brussels I watched trains come and go at the station, finding them dirty and unattractive. I caught the ICE at 14:25 to Cologne, where I got off the train, walked across the platform, and boarded the train to Duisburg that was leaving so soon I was moving before the ICE that I had gotten off!

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the capital of the European Union.

I took the Eurostar from London to Brussels to connect to the ICE into Germany, taking a few minutes at the platform to watch trains come and go in the rain at the platform.

Brussels_23.12.11_0498.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0499.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0500.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0501.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0502.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0503.jpg 2 Brussels_23.12.11_0504.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0505.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0506.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0507.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0508.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0509.jpg 3 Brussels_23.12.11_0510.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0511.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0512.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0513.jpg 8 Brussels_23.12.11_0514.jpg 3 Brussels_23.12.11_0515.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0516.jpg 6 Brussels_23.12.11_0517.jpg 4 Brussels_23.12.11_0518.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0519.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0520.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0521.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0522.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0523.jpg 2 Brussels_23.12.11_0524.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0525.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0526.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0527.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0528.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0529.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0530.jpg 2 Brussels_23.12.11_0531.jpg 2 Brussels_23.12.11_0532.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0533.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0534.jpg 2 Brussels_23.12.11_0535.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0536.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0537.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0538.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0539.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0540.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0541.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0542.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0543.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0545.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0546.jpg 8 Brussels_23.12.11_0547.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0548.jpg 4 Brussels_23.12.11_0549.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0550.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0551.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0553.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0554.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0555.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0556.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0557.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0558.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0559.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0560.jpg 2 Brussels_23.12.11_0561.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0562.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0563.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0564.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0565.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0566.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0567.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0568.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0569.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0570.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0571.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0572.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0573.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0574.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0575.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0576.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0577.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0578.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0579.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0580.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0581.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0582.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0583.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0584.jpg 1 Brussels_23.12.11_0585.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0586.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0587.jpg 4 Brussels_23.12.11_0588.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0589.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0590.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0591.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0592.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0593.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0594.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0595.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0596.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0597.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0598.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0599.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0600.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0601.jpg Brussels_23.12.11_0602.jpg 6 Brussels_23.12.11_0603.jpg 1

Liege, Belgium

Liege is near the Belgian-Dutch-German border.

Liege_23.12.11_0604.jpg 1 Liege_23.12.11_0605.jpg 1 Liege_23.12.11_0606.jpg 1

Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf is an industrial city in the Ruhr Valley.

Dusseldorf_23.12.11_0608.jpg 1 Dusseldorf_23.12.11_0609.jpg 1 Dusseldorf_23.12.11_0610.jpg 1 Dusseldorf_23.12.11_0611.jpg 1 Dusseldorf_23.12.11_0612.jpg 1