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Top photos from December 20th, 2003

Sarnia_20.12.03_6285.jpg 370 Sarnia_20.12.03_6295.jpg 301 Sarnia_20.12.03_6286.jpg 221 Sarnia_20.12.03_6311.jpg 168 Sarnia_20.12.03_6342.jpg 121 Sarnia_20.12.03_6299.jpg 115 Sarnia_20.12.03_6300.jpg 79 Sarnia_20.12.03_6279.jpg 74 Sarnia_20.12.03_6301.jpg 68 Sarnia_20.12.03_6289.jpg 68

December 20th, 2003

Steve had to head up to Sarnia and I got to tag along. We took 11 hours to get back because there were train tracks on the way...

Sarnia, Ontario

(map) Sarnia has an absolutely massive CN freight yard. It also has the St. Clair tunnel across to Port Huron, CSX traffic, and a gaggle of running rights.

Sarnia_20.12.03_6279.jpg 74 Sarnia_20.12.03_6280.jpg 36 Sarnia_20.12.03_6281.jpg 33 Sarnia_20.12.03_6282.jpg 47 Sarnia_20.12.03_6283.jpg 39 Sarnia_20.12.03_6284.jpg 60 Sarnia_20.12.03_6285.jpg 370 Sarnia_20.12.03_6286.jpg 221 Sarnia_20.12.03_6287.jpg 63 Sarnia_20.12.03_6288.jpg 54 Sarnia_20.12.03_6289.jpg 68 Sarnia_20.12.03_6290.jpg 67 Sarnia_20.12.03_6291.jpg 37 Sarnia_20.12.03_6292.jpg 49 Sarnia_20.12.03_6293.jpg 49 Sarnia_20.12.03_6294.jpg 43 Sarnia_20.12.03_6295.jpg 301 Sarnia_20.12.03_6296.jpg 50 Sarnia_20.12.03_6297.jpg 64 Sarnia_20.12.03_6298.jpg 66 Sarnia_20.12.03_6299.jpg 115 Sarnia_20.12.03_6300.jpg 79 Sarnia_20.12.03_6301.jpg 68 Sarnia_20.12.03_6302.jpg 28 Sarnia_20.12.03_6303.jpg 21 Sarnia_20.12.03_6304.jpg 25 Sarnia_20.12.03_6305.jpg 57 Sarnia_20.12.03_6306.jpg 63 Sarnia_20.12.03_6307.jpg 55 Sarnia_20.12.03_6308.jpg 55 Sarnia_20.12.03_6309.jpg 44 Sarnia_20.12.03_6310.jpg 62 Sarnia_20.12.03_6311.jpg 168 Sarnia_20.12.03_6312.jpg 50 Sarnia_20.12.03_6313.jpg 47 Sarnia_20.12.03_6314.jpg 32

2 engines running light rush through Sarnia station after coming out of the tunnel, bouncing along as if they are on a gravel road.

Sarnia_20.12.03_6316.jpg 43 Sarnia_20.12.03_6317.jpg 36 Sarnia_20.12.03_6318.jpg 32 Sarnia_20.12.03_6319.jpg 44 Sarnia_20.12.03_6320.jpg 30 Sarnia_20.12.03_6321.jpg 32 Sarnia_20.12.03_6322.jpg 46

A large train pulls out Sarnia station after waiting for its light.

Sarnia_20.12.03_6324.jpg 38 Sarnia_20.12.03_6325.jpg 24 Sarnia_20.12.03_6326.jpg 37 Sarnia_20.12.03_6327.jpg 29 Sarnia_20.12.03_6328.jpg 40 Sarnia_20.12.03_6329.jpg 38 Sarnia_20.12.03_6330.jpg 25 Sarnia_20.12.03_6331.jpg 33 Sarnia_20.12.03_6332.jpg 38 Sarnia_20.12.03_6333.jpg 39 Sarnia_20.12.03_6334.jpg 53 Sarnia_20.12.03_6335.jpg 25 Sarnia_20.12.03_6336.jpg 22 Sarnia_20.12.03_6337.jpg 29 Sarnia_20.12.03_6338.jpg 29 Sarnia_20.12.03_6339.jpg 29 Sarnia_20.12.03_6340.jpg 28 Sarnia_20.12.03_6341.jpg 27 Sarnia_20.12.03_6342.jpg 121

Ingersoll, Ontario

(map) The CN Dundas, the CP St. Thomas, and the OSR Port Burwell subs are very active through Ingersoll, with the CP Galt sub just to the North in Zorra.

Ingersoll_20.12.03_6343.jpg 57 Ingersoll_20.12.03_6344.jpg 20 Ingersoll_20.12.03_6345.jpg 17 Ingersoll_20.12.03_6347.jpg 13 Ingersoll_20.12.03_6348.jpg 38 Ingersoll_20.12.03_6349.jpg 33 Ingersoll_20.12.03_6350.jpg 10 Ingersoll_20.12.03_6352.jpg 54 Ingersoll_20.12.03_6353.jpg 38 Ingersoll_20.12.03_6354.jpg 26

Another long train heads through Ingersoll station. Late at night and freezing cold, the camera is shaking from me shivering.

BNSF 8720 trails a CN unit on a short Eastbound through the station. As the BNSF engine goes by I can be heard shouting 'yay!' that there was a foreign unit.

Another train comes through the station Westbound.

By the time this Westbound came I was too cold to get out of the car and shot this by holding my camera out the window. After this train we went home.