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Top photos from May 19th, 2003

Aldershot_19.05.03_2328.jpg 255 Hamilton_19.05.03_2324.jpg 131 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2314.jpg 117 Aldershot_19.05.03_2382.jpg 116 Hamilton_19.05.03_2327.jpg 115 Aldershot_19.05.03_2365.jpg 108 Aldershot_19.05.03_2380.jpg 87 Aldershot_19.05.03_2359.jpg 83 Aldershot_19.05.03_2381.jpg 80 Aldershot_19.05.03_2379.jpg 80

May 19th, 2003

This was a routine railfanning trip to the Bayview Junction/Aldershot area.

Bayview Junction, Ontario

(map) This is where the CN Oakville, CN Grimsby, and CN Dundas subdivisions meet at a great big wye, beside which is the CP Hamilton sub. This location encompasses CN Bayview Junction, Hamilton West, and Hamilton Junction.

Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2309.jpg 31 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2310.jpg 26 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2311.jpg 24 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2312.jpg 26 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2313.jpg 29 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2314.jpg 117 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2315.jpg 43 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2316.jpg 30 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2317.jpg 28 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2318.jpg 29 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2319.jpg 25 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2320.jpg 26 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2321.jpg 29 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2322.jpg 32 Bayview_Junction_19.05.03_2323.jpg 39

Hamilton, Ontario

(map) Hamilton Ontario is an industrial region on the tip of lake Ontario.

Hamilton_19.05.03_2324.jpg 131 Hamilton_19.05.03_2325.jpg 43 Hamilton_19.05.03_2326.jpg 69 Hamilton_19.05.03_2327.jpg 115

Aldershot, Ontario

(map) This is the region between the (abandonned) Burlington West train station and Bayview Junction.

Aldershot_19.05.03_2328.jpg 255

A two engined Via train rushes through on the Oakville sub, the first with Via's new safety-first paint scheme.

Aldershot_19.05.03_2330.jpg 56 Aldershot_19.05.03_2331.jpg 45

Two CN engines lead a mixed freight train down the Oakville sub. We can be heard trying to figure out whether it was a CP or CN train, as CP has running rights on those tracks, as we looked through binoculars at the engine's red nose.

Aldershot_19.05.03_2333.jpg 46 Aldershot_19.05.03_2334.jpg 57 Aldershot_19.05.03_2335.jpg 35 Aldershot_19.05.03_2336.jpg 38 Aldershot_19.05.03_2337.jpg 57 Aldershot_19.05.03_2338.jpg 26 Aldershot_19.05.03_2339.jpg 32 Aldershot_19.05.03_2340.jpg 25 Aldershot_19.05.03_2341.jpg 37 Aldershot_19.05.03_2342.jpg 31 Aldershot_19.05.03_2343.jpg 37 Aldershot_19.05.03_2344.jpg 22 Aldershot_19.05.03_2345.jpg 69 Aldershot_19.05.03_2346.jpg 38 Aldershot_19.05.03_2347.jpg 22 Aldershot_19.05.03_2348.jpg 28 Aldershot_19.05.03_2349.jpg 30 Aldershot_19.05.03_2350.jpg 33 Aldershot_19.05.03_2351.jpg 40 Aldershot_19.05.03_2352.jpg 28 Aldershot_19.05.03_2353.jpg 32 Aldershot_19.05.03_2354.jpg 16 Aldershot_19.05.03_2355.jpg 37

Two old CN yard engines push two boxcars backward through the siding at Aldershot station.

Aldershot_19.05.03_2357.jpg 54

Via train 95 arrives at Aldershot station behind a fast-paced intermodal.

Aldershot_19.05.03_2359.jpg 83 Aldershot_19.05.03_2360.jpg 65 Aldershot_19.05.03_2361.jpg 52 Aldershot_19.05.03_2362.jpg 46 Aldershot_19.05.03_2363.jpg 61 Aldershot_19.05.03_2364.jpg 55 Aldershot_19.05.03_2365.jpg 108 Aldershot_19.05.03_2366.jpg 23 Aldershot_19.05.03_2367.jpg 71 Aldershot_19.05.03_2368.jpg 24 Aldershot_19.05.03_2369.jpg 50 Aldershot_19.05.03_2370.jpg 33 Aldershot_19.05.03_2371.jpg 67 Aldershot_19.05.03_2372.jpg 25 Aldershot_19.05.03_2373.jpg 47 Aldershot_19.05.03_2374.jpg 46 Aldershot_19.05.03_2375.jpg 62 Aldershot_19.05.03_2376.jpg 35 Aldershot_19.05.03_2377.jpg 43 Aldershot_19.05.03_2378.jpg 58 Aldershot_19.05.03_2379.jpg 80 Aldershot_19.05.03_2380.jpg 87 Aldershot_19.05.03_2381.jpg 80 Aldershot_19.05.03_2382.jpg 116 Aldershot_19.05.03_2383.jpg 60

May 19th, 2003

This was a routine railfanning trip to the Bayview Junction/Aldershot area.

May 19th, 2003

This was a routine railfanning trip to the Bayview Junction/Aldershot area.

May 19th, 2003

This was a routine railfanning trip to the Bayview Junction/Aldershot area.