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Top photos from June 15th, 2004

Brattleboro_15.06.04_3206.jpg 36 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3194.jpg 30 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3216.jpg 29 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3197.jpg 26 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3198.jpg 22 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3210.jpg 21 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3207.jpg 21 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3201.jpg 21 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3195.jpg 18 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3205.jpg 17

June 15th, 2004

I wanted to catch Amtrak open hoppers parked in Brattleboro that I'd seen on the 14th without a camera handy. They were already gone! I did find the detector on the NECR line through Brattleboro. It's the first crossing out of the city to the West about 3 miles from town, at mile 116.

Brattleboro, Vermont

(map) This town is on the New England Central Railway track near the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont borders.

Brattleboro_15.06.04_3194.jpg 30 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3195.jpg 18 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3196.jpg 14 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3197.jpg 26 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3198.jpg 22 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3199.jpg 16 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3200.jpg 17 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3201.jpg 21 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3202.jpg 16 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3204.jpg 15 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3205.jpg 17 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3206.jpg 36 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3207.jpg 21 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3208.jpg 12 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3209.jpg 13 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3210.jpg 21 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3211.jpg 12 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3212.jpg 16 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3213.jpg 9 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3214.jpg Brattleboro_15.06.04_3215.jpg 5 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3216.jpg 29 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3217.jpg 9 Brattleboro_15.06.04_3218.jpg 14