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Top photos from December 9th, 2005

Speyside_09.12.05_1669.jpg 57 Speyside_09.12.05_1673.jpg 32 Speyside_09.12.05_1672.jpg 26 Speyside_09.12.05_1677.jpg 18 Speyside_09.12.05_1670.jpg 14 Speyside_09.12.05_1668.jpg 12 Speyside_09.12.05_1661.jpg 12 Speyside_09.12.05_1676.jpg 9 Speyside_09.12.05_1684.jpg 7 Speyside_09.12.05_1662.jpg 6

December 9th, 2005

I heard CN #411 with BNSF 9808 (Executive scheme) leading coming up to the Humber and took advantage of the opportunity, catching it at the siding at Speyside in failing light.

Speyside, Ontario

(map) Speyside is a small community with a siding on the CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown, just North (East, in track terms) of Scotch Block.

CN #411 crosses the crossing in the middle of Speyside siding at mile 27.65 Halton sub with 2 BNSF executive paint scheme units.

Speyside_09.12.05_1661.jpg 12 Speyside_09.12.05_1662.jpg 6 Speyside_09.12.05_1663.jpg 4 Speyside_09.12.05_1664.jpg 4 Speyside_09.12.05_1665.jpg 5 Speyside_09.12.05_1666.jpg 5 Speyside_09.12.05_1667.jpg 3 Speyside_09.12.05_1668.jpg 12 Speyside_09.12.05_1669.jpg 57 Speyside_09.12.05_1670.jpg 14 Speyside_09.12.05_1671.jpg 3 Speyside_09.12.05_1672.jpg 26 Speyside_09.12.05_1673.jpg 32 Speyside_09.12.05_1674.jpg 3 Speyside_09.12.05_1675.jpg 3 Speyside_09.12.05_1676.jpg 9 Speyside_09.12.05_1677.jpg 18 Speyside_09.12.05_1678.jpg 3 Speyside_09.12.05_1679.jpg 5 Speyside_09.12.05_1680.jpg Speyside_09.12.05_1681.jpg 2 Speyside_09.12.05_1682.jpg 1 Speyside_09.12.05_1683.jpg 4 Speyside_09.12.05_1684.jpg 7