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Top photos from June 9th, 2009

Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6940.jpg 93 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6938.jpg 78 Salem_09.06.09_6925.jpg 67 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6939.jpg 55 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6941.jpg 53 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6871.jpg 47 Whitehall_09.06.09_6933.jpg 41 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6937.jpg 39 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6887.jpg 26 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6872.jpg 23

June 9th, 2009

On my way home from reunion I stopped to chase the Batten Kill, which operates exclusively with the venerable RS-3. I asked the crew at Greenwich shops where the train was and was told it was parked at Cambridge, so headed up there to wait for them to come on duty and chased them to Greenwich Junction where I broke off and headed for Whitehall. There I caught CP 253 and continued north. Coming into the Laurentians I saw QGRY rather than CP power at Ste-Therese yard so bailed off the 15 and went for a closer look.

Hoosick Junction, New York

Hoosick Junction is along the Guilford northeast of Albany. The line connecting to Bennington and the Vermont Rail System there originates here.

Hoosick_Junction_09.06.09_6870.jpg 21

Cambridge, New York

Cambridge is along the Batten Kill just north of their connection with the Guilford.

CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6871.jpg 47 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6872.jpg 23 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6873.jpg 19

The Batten Kill runs light power from Cambridge to Greenwich Junction.

CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6874.jpg 10 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6875.jpg 10 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6876.jpg 8 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6877.jpg 13 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6878.jpg 8 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6879.jpg 6 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6880.jpg 5 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6881.jpg 7 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6882.jpg 5 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6883.jpg 9 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6884.jpg 11 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6885.jpg 10 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6886.jpg 18 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6887.jpg 26 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6888.jpg 15 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6889.jpg 9 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6890.jpg 9 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6891.jpg 8 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6892.jpg 12 CambridgeNY_09.06.09_6893.jpg 6

Jackson, New York

Jackson encompasses Shushan and The Plains and is along the Batten Kill railroad between Cambridge and Greenwich Junction (Salem).

Jackson_09.06.09_6894.jpg 13 Jackson_09.06.09_6895.jpg 6 Jackson_09.06.09_6896.jpg 6 Jackson_09.06.09_6897.jpg 5 Jackson_09.06.09_6898.jpg 5 Jackson_09.06.09_6899.jpg 8 Jackson_09.06.09_6900.jpg 10 Jackson_09.06.09_6901.jpg 5 Jackson_09.06.09_6902.jpg 7 Jackson_09.06.09_6903.jpg 6 Jackson_09.06.09_6904.jpg 7 Jackson_09.06.09_6905.jpg 6 Jackson_09.06.09_6906.jpg 6 Jackson_09.06.09_6907.jpg 7 Jackson_09.06.09_6908.jpg 6 Jackson_09.06.09_6909.jpg 10 Jackson_09.06.09_6910.jpg 10 Jackson_09.06.09_6911.jpg 7 Jackson_09.06.09_6912.jpg 9 Jackson_09.06.09_6913.jpg 5 Jackson_09.06.09_6914.jpg 6 Jackson_09.06.09_6915.jpg 6 Jackson_09.06.09_6916.jpg 6 Jackson_09.06.09_6917.jpg 7 Jackson_09.06.09_6918.jpg 8 Jackson_09.06.09_6919.jpg 15 Jackson_09.06.09_6920.jpg 13 Jackson_09.06.09_6921.jpg 14 Jackson_09.06.09_6922.jpg 7 Jackson_09.06.09_6923.jpg 10 Jackson_09.06.09_6924.jpg 11

Salem, New York

Salem is at the northern tip of the Batten Kill railroad and hosts Greenwich Junction.

Salem_09.06.09_6925.jpg 67 Salem_09.06.09_6926.jpg 16

Whitehall, New York

Whitehall is the junction point of the CLP, a Vermont Rail System railway, and the Delaware and Hundson, now CP, just across the VT/NY border from Rutland.

CP #253 passes through Whitehall Amtrak station.

Whitehall_09.06.09_6927.jpg 11 Whitehall_09.06.09_6928.jpg 16 Whitehall_09.06.09_6929.jpg 13 Whitehall_09.06.09_6930.jpg 21 Whitehall_09.06.09_6931.jpg 15 Whitehall_09.06.09_6932.jpg 21 Whitehall_09.06.09_6933.jpg 41 Whitehall_09.06.09_6934.jpg 13 Whitehall_09.06.09_6935.jpg 5 Whitehall_09.06.09_6936.jpg 18

Ste-Thérèse, Quebec

(map) This was the site of a GM car factory that manufactured the Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird until the end of 2003. It has since been torn down, though there is still a large CP yard there that interchanges between them and the QGRY. It also houses several Montreal transit commuter trains.

Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6937.jpg 39 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6938.jpg 78 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6939.jpg 55 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6940.jpg 93 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6941.jpg 53